Providens is an independent, privately owned company that provides a wide range of high-quality services to bio- and pharmaceutical companies for the region of South East Europe.

Providens was founded in 1997. as a Partner of several pharmaceutical companies. In that short period of time, we are proud to have become recognized by our partners as a company that:

  • understands the market’s needs
  • provides competent services
  • creates the best solutions
  • offers a different approach focusing on long-term relationships

We are a team of experienced, goal oriented people working closely with our partners and customers to create optimal business solutions.

Providens Team consist of highly educated, skilled, competent and motivated people – physicians, pharmacists, clinical pharmacologists  molecular biologists, dentists, and economists.

The network of our offices, based on excellence and unique know-how in order to ensure a focused and modern marketing approach, has resulted in Providens being one of the fastest growing companies in the Region.  

 We offer distinct advantages with:

  • Integrated full-service solutions to our partners
  • Compliance record – trained and educated team and management
  • “Fast track” registration and reimbursement procedures and reduced time to market
  • “Roof control” in all segments of cooperation in the Region
  • Reduced headcount
  • Local legal entities in the Region with established network, structure, extensive sales forces
  • Centralized control and management of all ordering, distribution and payment procedures  in the Region with  14 local sub distributors