Company Providens d.o.o. (hereinafter referred to as: Providens) is the owner of the domain and shall be responsible and liable for the contents published on the site as well as for its operation in general. When using the website certain personal data are automatically collected through web technologies. The primary purpose of collecting personal data on website is to provide the user with a secure and efficient service that better meet the user’s needs or requirements.

On the website Providens uses cookie technology in order to improve quality of use and to collect data for statistical reporting on the website. Cookie technology does not store personal email addresses or any of the user’s personal data. Cookie is a small information file that web servers pass to the user’s web browser and store on the user’s hard disk when they visit websites. It contains information that the website may need in order to personalize the user’s experience (such as images in the slideshow on the homepage) and to collect statistical data on the website, such as browsing history, downloads, domain name of web provider and the countries users or visitors are coming from, as well as the addresses of pages visited immediately before or after visiting the website. No part of such data is connected to the user personally and is measured only in aggregate form, as aggregate data. Regardless, if in the interest of maximum protection and security the user wishes to browse the website without using cookies, they can configure their browser cookie settings to block all cookies or notify them each time a cookie is being downloaded.